Thermo-Auricular Therapy

Thermo-Auricular Therapy is more commonly known to us here in Britain as Hopi Ear Candles. Ear candling is also known as "coning" or "funneling" in the United States.  Ear Candles, using only natural ingredients, are placed gently into the auditory canal for this pleasant and completely painless treatment.  BIOSUN HOPI ear candles are used.

Candles may be used to regulate pressure when the following conditions exist:
Headache, migraine or Rhinitis. They have also been found to be helpful before long flights or diving.

How the candles work:
When the air inside the candles becomes warmed by the flame it provides enough heat to liquefy the soft inner ear waxes.  As the candle burns, it is consuming oxygen from both outside and inside the candle. A continuous vacuum, created through the suction caused by the constant consumption of the oxygen inside the candle, pulls excess wax and debris from the ear canal (the chimney effect).

It is not possible for smoke to travel down through the candle into the ear.

Many years of scientific testing have resulted in the development of an efficient filter which prevents any liquid wax from entering the ear.  The movement of the flame gently massages the eardrum, which has the effect of regulating the pressure system (slight under pressure being caused by the chimney effect).  The peripheral blood circulation is stimulated by the locally administered heat and this intensifies the immunological defense system. The cleansing circulation of the lymph glands is also strengthened and energy points and reflex zones are stimulated.  When conducting this treatment Shanti will finish a gentle facial massage including lymphatic drainage to enhance the effect of the treatment.  This treatment is recommended for people who are sensitive to air pressure at change of season, people taking long haul flights and divers or mountain climbers.  You will know if you suffer from this sensitivity if you feel pressure in your sinus's at the change of the seasons. 

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