shanti_profile.jpeg"If you are looking at this website and have been thinking about having a treatment but are a little nervous or unsure, please feel free to email me with any questions you may have.

If you think you would like to book a treatment but would like to talk to me first please feel don't hesitate to call me on +44 (0)7956 862 434.

I am very grateful to all my clients who had so many kind words to say about me and the treatments I offer.  Finally, thank you to Clean Conscience Ltd. for all their hard work redesigning this website"

Shanti Bhoola-Evans


Janet Balmer - Client

I have been a client of Shanti's for just over a year now and have a massage every two to three weeks.  I'd been searching for a long while to find a therapist who could deal with my particular requirement and was attracted by the fact that Shanti has so many elements in her portfolio.  I have an old back injury which gives me constant pain but I am also very flexible in my back and needed a therapist with the knowledge to be able to treat me appropriately. 

In the past, the therapists I had visited tended to be afraid of applying strong pressure for fear of making my problem worse with the result that I always came away feeling that my back had hardly been touched!  Shanti has a great knowledge of the body and is specialised in treating injuries and is thus aware that not all injuries need treating in the same way.  She always asks me how strong I would like the massage to be and how I'm feeling on that particular day so that she can tailor the day's treatment to my exact requirement on that day.  Since Shanti is qualified in deep tissue massage, acupressure and sports massage (amongst others) she is able to combine all these elements into one treatment in order to provide a unique massage. 

My job is desk-based and very hectic so I often suffer from neck problems, headaches and stress - Shanti is experienced is treating office workers and is thus also able to address these areas when I need her to do so.  I would highly recommend her if you are seeking a restorative and relaxing massage.


Sami Elkhalifa (Martial Arts Trainer) - Client

I train at my chosen martial art four times a week, two hours each session. And, like any other exercise regimen, it tires me out.  One day, I asked my teacher how he was able to maintain his effort and his reply was: "if you want your body to perform every session then you need to take care of and revitalize your body during the time that you don't train.   

Over the last two years, I have put his advice to practice.  And, I was lucky to choose Shanti Bhoola-Evans to help me with the revitalization process.  I have received consistently excellent sport massage therapy and it has made a big difference.  Shanti's treatments are always well focused, methodical and professional.  The results are immediately obvious.  Taking care of and revitalizing my body is not an occasional luxury any more, it's part and parcel of any serious training routine.  I warmly recommend Shanti's treatments.


Cale Wallace (Personal Trainer - Australia) - Client

I have had regular massages with Shanti during my stay in England during 2004/05. As a Head Personal Trainer at an exclusive gymnasium in London I thought it was imperative that I not only get regular massages for my well-being but also to be able to recommend massage therapists to my clients. Having worked with professional sporting teams and clients of a variety of demographic groupings for over 10 years I feel well placed to comment on massage therapy.

Shanti is by far the best masseuse I have encountered. Her knowledge of the body's anatomy and physiology and her ability to leave the client energised is outstanding. She is a most capable and committed professional and she is always first on my list to call whenever I am in London.


Annabelle Tusch (Yoga, Pilates & Ski Instructor) - Client

I first met Shanti when I was a member of Holmes Place Kensington doing pre training for my first season as a ski instructor in Switzerland. I was particularly interested in sports massage as a way to relieve muscle stiffness during training and help with injury prevention.  
Shanti also helped me to rebalance my muscle groups after the season using her effective massage techniques based on her deep knowledge of anatomy. Now a pilates teacher I have regular massages with Shanti. This is an essential part of keeping my own body healthy which enables me to be a better example to my own clients.

Tony Parker (Director - Parker Williams Design) - Client

I cannot speak too highly of Shanti's contribution to the physical well-being of our staff. All of our staff spend many hours a day hunched over computer screens & Shanti fully understands the problems this can cause. We are particularly impressed with the way she tailors her treatment to individual needs.