Re-Balance Holistic Massage

bib1_rebalancemassage_26.01.2009.jpgA Body in Balance Holistic massage treatment  is about pure indulgence.  A 90 minute full body massage conducted at a slow relaxing pace and with a pressure to suit the individual will relieve you of your everyday tensions and leave you feeling deeply relaxed and pampered. 

Testimonial by Katie Margotts - ME sufferer:
"I have suffered with ME since I was 17 years old, and as any sufferer of any condition will tell you, I tried everything.  The neurological side of this condition in itself is debilitating, memory loss, stuttering, floundering for words, lack of concentration and occasional petit mal fits.  This struggle puts a certain toll on the body, but when twinned with weakness, fatigue and pain, you're fight just gets worse.  Everyone is unique and so what's helps one doesn't necessarily help another, however massage I have found crucial and finding the right therapist is more so.  The reason massage is as beneficial to sufferers as it is, is because the mere touch of somebody is very therapeutic and also allows you to switch off for a little while. The therapist can take control of your limbs leaving you to not have to. Shanti treats me on how I feel that day, and also listens to ongoing grievances I have with my body in relation to pain or malfunction.  She differs from seeing a beauty therapist for a standard Swedish massage, because she has a wealth of massage and treatment knowledge, therefore being able to work responsibly and effectively without causing a relapse for me.  Her approach is slow but thorough, and regular treatments with her allow your body to relax and perform as once it did. The pain is manageable and your joints hurt less, also the response to increased circulation gives you that little bit more energy, which can be sustained with regular visits to her.  Treatments are warm and also relaxing inducing a good night sleeps which too is a luxury.  I have found Shanti an excellent ambassador for her profession and would recommend her to all who need that little bit more than a massage."

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