InterX Therapy

bib1_interx_26.01.2009.jpgWhat is InterX Therapy?
InterX therapy is dynamic neurostimulation to manage and relieve symptoms of pain.  It is a non-drug, non-invasive form of effective pain relief which has been designed specifically for rehabilitation specialists. 

InterX therapy is effective across a wide range of acute and chronic conditions.  Most people can be treated using InterX therapy.  It is particularly effective in the reduction and management of pain.  Treatments result in reduced  inflammation at the site of trauma.

InterX treatment activates the nerve endings which may cause a temporary aggravation of symptoms, light-headedness or tiredness.  It is not unusual to experience improved sleeping patterns following treatment. 

The full effect of a single treatment is generally experienced within a couple of hours and is often sustained for up to two days or longer.  The cumulative effects of more than one treatment may enhance these results.

The experience of Body in Balance has been that clients who have most benefited from this treatment have had a combination of Hands on Treatment and InterX.

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