Runners Sports Therapy

bib1_runnerssportstherapy_26.01.2009.jpgThis treatment has been developed over the last 3 years from experience with Marathon runners and Ultra Marathon runners from around the world.

The session  starts with full massage of the legs in both supine and prone position.  All areas  from the soles of the feet to the tensor fascia lata (TFL), the iliotibial band (ITB) and sacroiliac joint are addressed.   A combination of sports massage techniques are used with deep pressure either along the length of the muscle fibres or where there are adhesions across the muscle fibres.    Where it is required InterX may be used to reduced extreme areas of tension and DOMS after long training sessions.  InterX is also used to address any acute injuries as they occur.  This reduces the inflammation at the site of injury and decreases the recovery time. 

Following the massage a deep hamstring stretch is applied and where required ab/adductor stretch.   This maintains ROM and ensures that speed is not compromised with excessive training.  This treatment has also proven very successful in the treatment of skiers and professional dancers.

Post Marathon treatment is also available. 

Testimonial by Annabelle Tusch, Yoga & Pilates Instructor, Ski Instructor:
I first met Shanti when I was a member of Holmes Place Kensington doing pre training for my first season as a ski instructor in Switzerland. I was particularly interested in sports massage as a way to relieve muscle stiffness during trainingand help with injury prevention.   Shanti also helped me to rebalance my muscle groups after the season using her effective massage techniques based on her deep knowledge of anatomy. Now a pilates teacher I have regular massages with Shanti. This is an essential part of keeping my own body healthy which enables me to be a better example to my own clients."

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